Russki Beat  

Dedicated to our God Ras-Putin.

A famous Russian writer said: "Russia is not part of humanity, but exists only to teach it a lesson".

Russki Beat is ruthless and ironic, cheap and cheesy, brutal and easy – all at the same time. It's there to teach us all a lesson of embracing everything you love and hate and adding a folk flavor to it.

Russki Beat is about creating a context where people can let go of their social limitations, obligations, and castrations.

It promotes the core four values and teaches the audience to join in this exorcist action:


• indulgence
• naivety
• kitsch
• brutality

A combination of all these four qualities is what the mysterious Russian soul is about. Hence the name, Russki Beat.

The sound of Russki Beat is indulgent and naive, kitschy and brutal.

Some Russian trendsetters define Russki Beat as "Futurism transcended through Russian reality". Russki Beat totally embraces this definition because it offers a smarter way of saying what we believe. The future can only be created by combining the elements that usually don't "fit" together.

  In order to communicate its message more clearly, Russki Beat occasionally hosts events, which fuse performance, live art, spoken word, music, video, food, and vodka.

Russki Beat uses any means to communicate its Propaganda to wider audience and, more importantly, to make them join in.

Remember! Indulgence, Naivety, Kitsch, and Brutality is what we stand for and is what we want you to experience when you come in contact or do Russki Beat style.

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