Russki Beat  
  Russki Apparel horizontally integrated manufacturing outsources the production to the finest Chinese and Turkish factories, which utilize child labor and pay the lowest salaries at the market. This makes it possible for Us to pass on the savings towards You, the customer, and provide you with the finest Russki Beat $hit at ridiculously low prices.

Russki Beat fashion is about loving everything you hate, and adding some bling bling* and folk flavor to it.

It's about looking cool and easy, sexy and cheesy*.

* Read Russki Whizdom for definitions

Illustration 1: The model is wearing:

Abibas Jacket (Robbed from a teenager in Moskow) - $50
Nite Trousers (Found at a local garbage facility) - $20
Cannabis Straza Belt (CherkiZON) - $15 (bargaining OK)
Barsetka Foreva Murse (CherkiZON) - $20
Glasses (Model's Own, from Amsterdam)
Hat (Model's Own, from London)
Cigarette Rolled Drum Tabacco (Model's Own, from Paris)
Bling Bling (Model's Own, from New York)

Photo by Johannes Wengel - famous German photographer

Illustration 2: The model is wearing:

American Apparel underwear (lost and found) - $70
Peach Fruit (Bought at a local cheap market in Moskow)

Photo by ReveRso - Muse and inspiration

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Illustration 3: The model is wearing:
Junk DeLuxe Shirt (Robbed from a yuppie) - $150
Nite Trousers (Found at a local garbage facility) - $20
Cannabis Straza Belt (CherkiZON) - $15 (bargaining OK)
Russki Scarf (Taken from Grandma) - $895
Glasses (Model's own, from Tokyo)
Vodka (Model's own, from a palatka - nightshop)

Photo by Nick Koutin - famous Russian photographer
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